2nd project mission

On 22-23 April, the second monitoring mission took place within the LIFE Adapt Brdy project to assess the progress of this important international project. The first day of the mission was dedicated to presentations detailing all the phases and milestones of the project from its inception to the present. Participants had the opportunity to become acquainted with the achievements and challenges the project will face. In addition, the project plans and expected milestones for 2024 were presented to achieve the best possible results in climate change adaptation.

The second day of the mission was devoted to a field excursion, which provided participants with the opportunity to visit specific sites and see the activities that have been implemented within the project so far. Participants were introduced to forest management, which is one of the key elements of climate change adaptation in the Brdy region. Another part of the programme was focused on the Water Retention Study and its proposed measures to revitalise the springs, which is an important means to protect water resources, biodiversity and restore the landscape's retention capacity.

Visitors also learned about the application of the new hunting concept, which contributes to the goal of successful natural regeneration of forest stands.

Overall, the second monitoring mission was very productive and brought valuable insights.

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