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Partners of the LIFE Adapt Brdy project met in the Březka Game Reserve

Project meeting, Steering Committee and field trip

Transfer of experience and knowledge to Slovak foresters

Two-day excursion in Brdy for Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak Republic, s.e.

2nd project mission

The monitoring mission aimed to assess the progress of the international LIFE Adapt Brdy project so far.

Workshop for employees of VLS ČR, s.p. in Saxony

An interesting workshop took place in Saxony at Maschinenstation Königstein in March.

Workshop within T.3.2 Innovation and Upscaling of EU Funded Projects

The online workshop with representatives of VLS CR, CZU and FGMRI took place at the end of February.

Leaflet on Close-to-nature forest management in Brdy

New informational leaflet for the LIFE Adapt Brdy project

Project meeting LIFE Adapt Brdy: Starting processes towards close-to-nature management

The participants evaluated the first successful year of the international project at a project meeting.

Presentation of the Water Retention Study and the project for the revitalization of the springs

Water management in the landscape is an important part of the LIFE Adapt Brdy project.

Field trip of CFS Pilsen branch in Brdy

Members of CFS and other participants of the excursion were introduced to the LIFE Adapt Brdy project.

Training of foresters of Hořovice Division in Brdy Mts.

Further transfer of knowledge between the foresters of VLS ČR and the Saxon State Forests.

Document concerning the establishment of demonstration areas

The new output for WP2 can be found in the Outputs section.

Life Adapt Brdy at the Země Živitelka exhibition

Presentation of the LIFE Adapt Brdy project as part of the presentation of VLS, s.p. at the Země Živitelka exhibition in České Budějovice.

Field training of the Hořovice Division foresters at Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst in Saxony

Transfer of experience between foresters of VLS ČR, s.p. and the Saxon State Forests

MZe and Forest Europe Workshop

Hořovice Division, VLS ČR, s.p. hosted an international workshop in May 2023.

Excursion of employees from the Mimoň division

In April, employees of the Mimoň division visited the Hořovice division, where they were interested, e.g., in setting up a new hunting management concept.

A field course was held for students of distance studies from CZU

Division Hořovice, VLS ČR, s.p., March 26, 2023

Field press conference in Brdy Mts.

Recording of the press conference for the opening ceremony of the LIFE Adapt Brdy project (17.2., Kolvín, PLA Brdy).

Kick-off meeting LIFE Adapt Brdy

On January 19, 2023, a kick-off meeting was held as part of an international project in Prague.