Workshop for employees of VLS ČR, s.p. in Saxony

On 12th March 2024, a workshop of the workers of the Military Forests and Estates  (VLS ČR) with the workers of the Saxon State Forests took place in Saxony at Maschinenstation Königstein.

The programme included:

  • Presentation of the current situation in the Saxon State Forests, current topics and key management practices.
  • Presentation of the Königstein and Crottendorf Machinery Stations
  • Assuring forest management activities and duties of forest managers,

personnel resources (own employees; hiring work from private companies; announcing tenders), 

issues with technical equipment.

  • Operating regulations for soil protection and requirements for secondary access to forest stands; map applications for forest segmentation; presentation of research into the use of different types of forestry tracks on wheeled vehicles.
  • The procedure for announcing tenders for extraction – quality requirements, tender sheets, inspection, handover and takeover of work sites.
  • Practical demonstration in the field:

Introducing the standard harvesting procedure,

harvesting team with HSM skidder – moto-manual logging and skidding using a rope,

harvester and forwarder with forestry tracks on the wheels and a traction winch,

procedure for harvesting dry trees,

delimitation of the harvesting area.

Presentation of reconstruction (road widening) for timber removal.

Improvements and restoration immediately after harvesting operations – considering visitors in the forests.

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