Presentation of the Water Retention Study and the project for the revitalization of the springs

In November 2023, an important meeting took place between representatives of VLS ČR, s.p., the company Vodohospodářský rozvoj a výstavba a.s., the Pilsen Region, the Rokycany Regional Municipality, the Brdy Protected Landscape Area and the Šumava National Park.

The meeting was organized in the Brdy Nature House in Strašice. Ing. Petr Macháček, on behalf of Vojenské lesy a statky ČR, s.p., presented the LIFE Adapt Brdy project.

This was followed by a presentation by Ing. Vendula Koterová from the company Vodohospodářský rozvoj a výstavba a.s., who presented a water retention study in the landscape and a project of revitalization of the springs.

The study identified 25 areas for revitalization and these areas were divided into four categories of priorities and feasibility of actual revitalization.

The area of the Voložný brook was selected for model revitalisation. A detailed project will be prepared for this area and monitoring of the condition of the area before, during and after revitalisation will be carried out.

The presentation was followed by an expert discussion. Ing. Jakub Rataj, Head of the Water Management Department of the Pilsen Regional Authority, offered cooperation in the revitalisation of springs on the territory of the Pilsen Region within the Healthy Landscape Programme. The Trokavec site was selected for the project on the territory of the Pilsen Region. 

The study is available in the Project Outputs.

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