Field trip of CFS Pilsen branch in Brdy

The main objective of the field trip, which took place on 24 October in Brdy, was to introduce members of the Czech Forestry Society (CFS) and other participants to the LIFE Adapt Brdy project.

The rich programme included a total of eight sites, namely:

  1. A visit to the Kreslovna Demonstration Facility at LHC Mirošov,
  2. A visit to the Three Tubes Nature House,
  3. A visit at the calamity groves at LHC Strašice psk 11Aa09b and psk 11Aa11 (Eisnerka),
  4. A visit at LHC Nepomuk in psk 125Bb1b and psk 125Aa16 the question of young forest stands,
  5. A visit at LHC Obecnice psk 39Cc12 selective logging + forward regeneration elements and underplanting of BK,
  6. A visit at LHC Obecnice psk 40Dd14 history of the grove and the well – care of the wells,
  7. A visit at LHC Obecnice psk 39Bb10 monitoring of game damage - hunting concept,
  8. A visit at LHC Jince psk 109Aa10b underplanting.

The field trip was arranged by Ing. Petr Macháček – technician and also Ing. David Novotný – director of Hořovice division .

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